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I am a computer programmer with an interest in history and mathematics. My wife Regan and I live in Austin, Texas, where I work for a distribution-center software company. I hold a B.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA. I enjoy programming and thinking about the implications of technology and programming in my and other people's lives, so on this site I write a good deal about both of these topics.

This site is a bit different than some other people's personal sites. I wasn't content with just making a "blog", as I am less interested in writing timestamped snapshots than I am in writing articles which are not particularly time-dependent and which I may occasionally update.

If you would like to see a copy of the history of changes to this site, please go to this link to browse the history or clone the git repository containing the contents of the site.

This site is primarily written in a single file in Emacs org-mode, and is then compiled to the format of this site using the tool "org_structured_exporter" which I have written.

The design of this site is inspired by Writer's Website Planner by Tom Brosnahan as well as Edward Tufte's Website. I make no claims to be a designer, and my website is surely a poor imitation of those others.