descriptionGroup project to create a computerized RISK board game simulation.
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RISK! 1.0 By: Currell Berry Jarrett Davis Jefferson Dixon Rowan Kraft Spring 2012, Georgia Institute of Technology, CS 1371 Final project

Group project to create a risk board game simulation on computer


To start risk.m, either type "risk" into the command window or right-click the file and click "Run." Make sure all relevant files are in the directory.

Intro screen -- Select how many players from the drop down menu. RISK! will not play with two players. Enter names for each player. RISK! will not play without name inputs.

RISK! Menu -- The main menu is in the top left corner of the figure throughout the game. This menu enables the user to stop music, restart music, view a help box, and view an about section. Enjoy the Indiana Jones music!

Game screen -- Right panel lists colors corresponding to each player: r --red g --green b --blue k --black c --cyan

You may only place soldiers in countries you own. The phases of RISK! are also listed in the right panel. Follow the on-screen phases (ie production, fortification). Play by the normal rules of RISK! noting any pop-up figures that may appear.


2012-12-06 vancan1tyversion presented to Dr. Smith master
2012-12-05 vancan1tyretheme, rules checking, bug fixes, and more!
2012-12-04 vancan1tyminor updates
2012-12-04 vancan1tymultithreaded sound, functioning battles!
2012-12-03 Jefferson DixonSoldiers added, additional debugging
2012-12-02 Jefferson DixonMaximize Window
2012-12-02 Jefferson DixonSetup screen and music
2012-11-29 vancan1tydeleted unused file
2012-11-29 vancan1tycomplete demo of basic game play
2012-11-29 vancan1typlayer choice, production, functioning game board,
2012-11-27 vancan1tyexcel map "graph" added,
2012-11-27 vancan1tyUpdate
2012-11-27 vancan1tywork in progress
2012-11-15 vancan1tyUpdate
2012-11-15 vancan1tyUpdate
2012-11-15 vancan1tycode upload
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