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Project Description Owner Last Change
simple_site_builder.git Static website templater which I use to create my site. Currell Berry 3 years ago
latex_cheatsheet_example.git A cheatsheet project derived from Steve Seiden's 'Theoretical Computer Science' cheatsheet'. Currell Berry 3 years ago
cerq_server.git some code I wrote demonstrating play framework backend Currell Berry 5 years ago
cerq_android_client.git android frontend which goes along with the cerq_server backend. Currell Berry 5 years ago
berry_website_verbatim.git content tracking for my website Currell Berry 8 months ago
RISK-PROJ.git Group project to create a computerized RISK board game simulation. Currell Berry 6 years ago
truecash.git trueCash -- a fork of the GnuCash 2.6.x series intended to provide a stable, reliable platform for usage and improvements without unneccessary code churn. Currell Berry 19 months ago
JSSIM.git Some code intended for a javascript physical simulation project, but currently COMPLETELY USELESS. Currell Berry 5 years ago