2015-12-21 Currell Berryadding README message marking this as obsolete. master
2015-12-19 Currell Berrycommitting old changes before major revamp.
2015-09-22 Currell Berryfixed README, updated template sources.
2015-09-13 Currell Berryprogress on styling and polish.
2015-09-08 Currell Berrysignificant progress towards working site.
2015-08-04 Currell Berryremoving some obsolete content files before the switch.
2015-08-04 Currell Berrycommitting changes before I rework simple_site_builder...
2015-05-26 Currell Berrycommitting "deleted" files which were missed in the...
2015-05-26 Currell Berrymassive reorganization -- I think things make much...
2015-05-26 Currell Berryadding config file I forgot on previous commit.
2015-05-26 Currell Berryworking version of website generator!
2015-05-26 Currell Berryadding single test sources file for debuggging purposes.
2015-05-15 Currell Berryinitial static site generator working.